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Renewable energy field. Bio-building

Ecological architecture has many meanings and for this reason, it risks to value a little. Bio-building is not a trend or a modern scientific discipline, and it is not a creation of some dreamer ecologists.

Nowadays the eco-home is not a luxury for a few or the choice for some enlightened spirit. The ecological house is starting to leave the vagueness of the good intentions and ambiguity of the new age , and it is entering in the concrete reality of the business.

A house made by natural materials, which does not cause damage to people who live in, which is not dangerous for who produce them, who build them and who later will detach and abandon them, is an ecological house. Moreover, the elimination or the consistently reduction of the sources of indoor pollution is very important. These sources modify the quality of the air, produce artificial electromagnetic fields or they generate harmful emissions. The sustainable architecture, from this point of view, is at the forefront in the overcoming of the excesses of the technology, for the capacity of showing that an architecture which is nature-friendly is man’s friend.

Eco-houses, that will be certified by a specific quality brand, will satisfy some standard in four fields: use of natural material, energy conservation, acoustic insulation, care for the external environment.

Require a technical visit and a free quotation


Require a technical visit and a free quotation