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The advantage of the domotics, is the home automation system

The Domotics is the system of home automation which provides advanced solutions increasingly required in houses and in the tertiary sector.

The home automation system combines more applications related to the fields of lighting, safety, cable broadcast, video entry systems and load control. Domotics allows the customer to manage the whole system by remote control on the Internet.

Domotics plays an important role in making smart devices, installations and systems. For example a smart electric installation can set automatically the switching on of the domestic appliances in order to remain within the threshold which can make the counter triggers, or with a system of "home automation" you can remotely control the switching one and the off of the lights, the closure of the shutters, the activation of an alarm system with siren. Everything by using a smartphone "Smart house" is a domestic environment - properly designed and technologically equipped - which provides some installations which goes beyond the "traditional", where equipment and systems are partially autonomous (following some reactions to environmental fixed conditions) or planned by the user or recently planned automously (following reactions to environmental parameters which are managed by dynamic programs, that are created or upgraded by auto learning.

At a further level it is possible to talk about "building automation". The smart building, thanks to the support of new technologies, allows the coordinated, integrated and computer-based management of technology systems (air-conditioning, water, gas and energy distribution, security systems), the IT networks, in order to upgrade the flexibility of management, comfort, safety, energy saving of properties and to upgrade the quality of living and working in buildings.