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SEI QUADRI. Soluzioni elettriche innovative
S.E.I. Quadri L.p., Soluzioni Elettriche Innovative – Electrical Installation -is a company founded in July 2007 by Mr IODICE Domenico and Mr PALMIERI Damiano in order to benefit from the experience of twenty years acquired by national and international industrial contexts. The company is located in the industrial area of Barletta (BT). It has about 600 smq concerning the operative area and about 150 smq for technical and business offices.

S.E.I. Quadri starts by operating in sectors of production and the power cables of medium and low voltage , electrical switchboards and systems for the industrial automation, setting and starting up of civil electrical installation, in the tertiary and industrial sector.

By the time, the company has introduced activities of setting, starting and maintenance of installations for


the production of electricity from renewable sources, together with the setting of power plants and distribution system on oil platforms.


This experience is enriched by the technical consultancy, testing and starting of large installations, as well as services concerning electrical measurements on every kind of installation, civil, industrial or from renewable sources. For example the measurement of the step and contact voltage, harmonic analysis, ratio performance measurement, testing techniques of electrical installations, configuration and test of protection relays.


The company has a qualified technical office totally integrated with the company and developed in order to meet customers’ needs, which is an important interface. The technical office, directed by the Technical Manager, is made by a team of engineers and technicians able to project and implement innovative technical solutions in the fields of electricity, industrial protection, and of production of renewable sources. This is possible by the use of computer systems, technical tools and an advanced software system in order to offer the ideal solution, in accordance with the rules to the clients.



Sei Quadri is founder of the brand La Casa Verde, created to provide a complete service in order to build an energy-efficient house or better a house at zero energy consumption level.

Nowadays, it is possible to clear costs of your house, even if it seems to be hard for several reasons.


The new climate has imposed to safeguard the surrounding environment in order to ensure ourselves a future, but above all ensure a future to the others. If we think about the consumption of each family, today it is also important to make the expenditures of the family lower.

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