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Electrical field. Electrical installation

An electrical installation is a set of machinery, devices, components and accessories for the production, transformation, transport, distribution and employment of the electricity.

In case of an implant which works by electricity exploitation, this may be coordinated:

  • Upstream, while the distribution Entity may provide the necessary information concerning the kind of distribution system, voltage and frequency limits;
  • Downstream, by the use of implants. It is important that it is could be possible to assume the functions, the electrical information and the protection class against the risk of the electrocution.

According to the power required to the electricity supplier and the surface area of the premises in which the electrical installation is placed, it can be or not subject to designing of an expert technician. The Ministerial Decree 37/2008, art. 5 reports some cases in which the installation is subject to designing, and we report three particular points concerning the electrical installations:

Art. 5, Paragraph 2 Letter a)installations according to the article 1, paragraph 2, letter a), for all shared utilities and domestic ones of single residential units having an installed load of more than 6 kW or for domestic utilities of single residential units having a surface which is more than 400 smq.

Art. 5, Paragraph 2 Letter c)installation according to the article 1, Paragraph 2, letter a), concerning the premises used for productive, business activities and services and for other purposes, when the utilities are powered by tension superior to 1000 V, included the part at low voltage, or when the utilities having the installed load which is more than 200 smq;

Art. 5, Paragraph 2 Letter d)electrical installations concerning premises, also partially, equipped with environments subject to specific IEC standard, premises for medical use or for the ones in which danger situations of explosion or fire can occur, devices for protection against atmospheric discharges in buildings having a volume of more than 200 mc;

At the end of the realization of the electrical installation, the installing company may issue the declaration of compliance according to the ministerial law approved and all the compulsory attachments. Even if it is not mandatory, it is important that the installing company issue the booklet of the electrical installation.

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Require a technical visit and a free quotation


Require a technical visit and a free quotation