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Renewable energy field. Mini-eolic

The eolic energy is the product of the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind in other energies. Actually, it is transformed in electricity through a wind farm.

Small eolic,or mini eolic, is considered the production of electricity by wind realized with use of generator which have a height of less than 30 meters. Wind turbines are available for an isolated user not connected to the power supply or connected both for an auto-production for exchange and for the the supply of energy to the net. The difference with the big eolic stands both in the dimension of the machines and the possibility to operate economically with wind speed lower than the industrial machines.

The mini-eolic identifies eolic generators with a power between 20 and 60 kW. Micro eolic are eolic generators with power until 5 KW, while the middle eolic is the power between 60 and 200KW.

Implementing decrees of the 02/01/2009 state that eolic implants until 60KW can be authorized with the DIA, the declaration of the start-up of activities, by way of derogation from Article 12 of the Legislative Decree 387 which requires the single authorization. The fact that eolic turbines until 60kW must be authorized by the DIA, must be adopted by Regions, but nowadays these have issued diversified regulations which do not consider the technological reality and the national regulation. For example, Sicily requires that the tower may not exceed the height of 15m, but this solution invalidates the installation of machines of 20 kW which have rotors with an average circumference of 10m and which need some towers of 18-24m.


The regional regulation does not simplifies the realization of these implants, because of its ignorance and missing intention. In some Regions there are simplifications for implants under the megawatt, but the size of 200kW is not in regional regulations. Generally there is the single authorization over 60kW.

Require a technical visit and a free quotation


Require a technical visit and a free quotation