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SEI QUADRI. Our organization


The whole work is managed by a team of competent and qualified technicians, aimed to ensure organization and professionalism to be reliable for the customers.


All personnel receives an adequate technical training in order to cope with every situation. The update training is made by courses of preparation in the company or in some outdoor structures, in order to increase the cultural knowledge of each employee. Training and information are very important for each employee in terms of safety and hygiene oat work.


The company has some means of transport for the technical personnel, goods, facilities, high-tech equipment for every kind of technological installation.


This organization allows to the S.E.I. Quadri s.a.s. to constantly develop in each work field in which it is active. The continue desire to upgrade and specialize the personnel, the constant control of the used materials, the respect for the specific techniques, the certification for the quality of the company management system, the certification for the company environment system, the full availability of the several phases of management of the order and the monitoring of the production, ensure the best services of assistance and post-sales support, which represent the essential points of the company policy.


This policy is focused on the satisfaction of the customer and it has allowed to the company to develop in a very fast way in few years, to get important success on the market.