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Electrical field. Switchboards

A switchboard is a set of one or more protective and switching devices, together with eventual control, measurement, warning, protection and regulation devices and all internal electrical and mechanical interconnections. All this includes some structural support elements.


A switchboard may be for electric systems that require low voltage (LV) or medium voltage (MV).


The main technical rules of reference for the switchboards assembly are generally:

  • IEC EN 62271-200: “High voltage devices. Part 200: Prefabricated device with metal casing for 1-52 kV”, which has replaced the IEC EN 60298 Standard;
  • IEC EN 62271-1 Switching and control device that requires high voltage, Part 1: Common standards.


Low-tension devices for the industrial sector are:

  • IEC EN 61439-1: General Standards;
  • IEC EN 61439-2 : Power switchgear;
  • IEC EN 61439-3 : Distribution boards for unskilled people (which replaces the IEC 60439-3);


  • IEC EN 61439-4 : Construction switchboards (which replaces the EIC 60439-4);
  • IEC EN 61439-5: Distribution boards (which replaces the IEC 60439-5);
  • IEC EN 61439-6: Cable tray systems (which replaces the IEC 60439-2);
  • IEC/TR 61439-0 Guide specification for switchboard.

Moreover, for household and similar sector:

  • IEC 23-51 -Switchboards for domestic and similar purposes


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