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Electrical field. Safety systems

Safety systems are complex technological installations providing a protection level to people and companies against intrusion and/or vandalism. They are systems to reduce these risks.


Two of these technological installations are:

  • Video surveillance;
  • Anti-intrusion;
  • Access control;
  • Video analysis.


They are system with different safety levels, identifiable according to the user to ensure the protection which you need. The safety level upgrade is always possible.

The modern technology allows an easy management of the system for the safety through the “internet”. In order to do this, it is necessary to be connected to a pc or equipped with a software, as they autonomously managed a web server. Therefore, there are some important features:

  • The existence of a web connection by a static IP address;
  • The connection to the web of the system for the protection and for this the protection should be IP.

The data transmission of the system for the safety through the network is encrypted against external attacks, while the URL with which it is possible to access to the system can be made visible by configuring it as private. Moreover, it will be possible to enter the system by using some different authorizations according to the assigned profile: user, operator or administrator.

IP system has several advantages than the traditional systems:

  • remote monitoring -while a closed loop system needs a management by an operator who is in the setting area of the installation, an IP “security system” allows to monitor his work from any other side of the world by pc, tablet and smartphone;
  • Reduced costs – an IP security system uses the traditional internet networks. Therefore, it is possible to use the connection which you already have in your homes or offices and connect it to your own mobile device;


  • Easy assembly – if you use a wireless device, you need no wire for the installation. It will be just supplied by electricity and configuration of the whole system.

S.E.I. Quadri provides any kind of security system, by designing and realizing technological systems according the need of the customer, by helping him to choose the system and its components.

Require a technical visit and a free quotation


Require a technical visit and a free quotation