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Renewable energy field. Fireplaces

Fireplace stoves are able to fuel the radiators of the whole house and produce hot water for domestic use, thanks to specific kit.

Fireplace stoves can be linked to the heaters, even if it already exists.

Fireplaces and their coatings, are perfect for people who want to heat their home having a design object which furnishes with elegance, from modern to rustic atmosphere, to the classical one thanks to the coatings available.

While they create a comfortable and beautiful environment, fireplaces offer a high engine efficiency, saving up to 40% on the costs of heating and less emissions in the environment.

Fireplaces for heating the house and producing domestic hot water for all use. They fuel heaters through piping and radiators, a modern solution in order to replace or improve the traditional gas or methane boiler and allow a saving up to 40% on the costs of heating.

The water fireplace is the ideal solution for the heating of all rooms of the house: it ensures the heating power and high energy efficiency. Thanks to the naturalness of the heating issued by the fire the temperature is constant in all the house and it is issued equally.

The heating with wood allows to be energy self-sufficient and it protects from the price increases of fuel deriving from gas and oil, which price is more and more depending on the political and economic fragile balance.

In order to obtain an optimum yield of the fireplace it is appropriate not to burn damp wood, because humidity limitates the calorific power. Some kinds of wood such as the birch are able to spread very pleasant perfumes and fragrances but they hav a very limited calorific power: in order to obtain the same heat it will need more wood.

Beech and oak have the highest calorific power: in order to get the ideal temperature it will need less wood. In particular, the beech has a “clean” combustion, unlike pine and fir.

The tradition says that the wood may be cut during waning moon, nobody knows the reason why, but the calorific production increases. Seeing is believing…

Pay attention to burn remains of furniture or wood accessories: they could contain some paints or glues which can make toxic emission during the combustion.

Require a technical visit and a free quotation


Require a technical visit and a free quotation